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Why SenseMaker Studio?

Who needs an explainer video?

Short, engaging explainer videos are going to appeal to just about anyone who wants to learn about your products or services. But our approach is especially good at turning complex, unfamiliar, or easily misunderstood offerings into clear, focused value stories that simply make sense to your target audience.
Whether it’s to get prospects thinking in a new way or to get employees on the same strategic page, if it’s the kind of story that’s hard to tell with static text and images alone, we can help make it come alive.

Unique value calls for a unique message

Maybe it’s a key innovation or a secret ingredient or just a better balance of features and services, but you know what makes your value offering special. Your current customers know it too. But what about all those new prospects out there?
They’re busy. They’re distracted. They’re looking for a shortcut to understand how you can make their story better.
That’s where we come in …

We deliver big impact for small budgets

Our mission is to help your organization cut through the clutter with a message that makes a difference.
We specialize in helping your audience make sense of your value potential from their own point of view. Our value story mapping process and simplified motion graphic video style is all about delivering a clear and compelling value story that makes sense and inspires action.
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Choosing the right explainer video service

Maybe you already know exactly what you want to say and plan to use online tools. (Caution: You still need to do the scripting, storyboarding, voiceovers, graphic design, animation, and editing).
Or maybe you can afford to hire a big agency to create a super slick video for you. (Caution: Those trendy animations - as entertaining as they may be - don’t necessarily translate to better results).
But if you need to bring your best prospects into clearer focus and create a simple, sense-making value story that artfully adapts what you know to what they want to hear, we can help.

The right message, the best results

Even as you read this, some potential customer may be clicking away from your website or social media page. We want to help stop that. Nothing gets people to give up a couple of minutes of their precious attention better than a short but engaging explainer video.
With our unique value story mapping process and money-back guarantee you can finally get your best message out there and then watch your own story take off.
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