About SenseMaker Studio

Headshot of Michael Dennis Moore

Hi, I'm Michael Dennis Moore, chief storyteller and motion graphics designer at SenseMaker Studio.  

In the past I’ve owned a  graphic design and printing business, been a product marketing manager at Apple, Tektronix, Ricoh, and the manager of the Experience Design Group at Xerox.

More recenty I’ve been using my value story mapping process to help my clients clarify who their best target customers are and then deliver a unique value story through an exceptionally engaging video.

I do most of the script writing and motion graphic work myself but, depending on the nature of the project, I may add a professional illustrator, animator, voice actor, or other talent as needed.

I purposely keep teams small and highly focused on the unique needs of my clients. This approach allows me to deliver a big impact on a small budget within a predictable time frame.

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